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The Driller Killer - 96 Minute Uncut Version

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The Driller Killer - 96 Minute Uncut Version

Comparison between the BBFC 18 Cut Version and The Uncut Version found here:

Producer Abel Ferrara
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: weatherreport07 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 14, 2014
Subject: Classic late 70's low budget horror
I've always had a strange fondness for this film. I admit it is a little slow paced, but otherwise it's pretty entertaining. The punk rock band that lives downstairs of the main character, are pretty much terrible, but also somewhat entertaining. The film is shot pretty well for a low budget flick, and was successful enough for the director to get bigger budgets in the future. If you like late 70's horror films, and/or punk rock, than you'll probably like this film.
Reviewer: Robbmeister X - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 15, 2013
Subject: Good old PD - available for everybody now
This is not among my favourites of the films that made the DPP list during the UK's bad old 'video nasty' days, whose legacy was a censoriousness in the UK for well over a decade incomparable to the rest of Europe. Back even in the '90s, though, the notoriously out of touch and autocratic James Ferman had considered releasing this either with 19 seconds of cuts, or uncut under a different title, since he was aware its lurid reputation mostly derived from that. Apart from one scene, it's unlikely now this film would get most people's hackles up. It's only relatively more nasty than the similarly disreputable but tame Love Camp 7. This latter film has not been rereleased (partly because it isn't much good) but would almost certainly pass uncut. Thank goodness that The Driller Killer is now Public Domain, as well as having been passed many years ago, so we may not in the future have to wait on the whims of the censors to see films like this through rereleases if we can easily watch them online.

As I said, it's not one of my favourite films from this period. I still find it rather too slow paced. It is relatively well acted, nicely shot and well made, though, and improves in a few viewings if you give this slice of puposefully depressing griminess time.

Note: The original UK print, although uncut prior to banning, ran short of the US print because a reel change had been botched by the famously half-arsed Vipco. The later DVD reinstated the missing footage along with a few extra minutes not included in the US one, so for a while this was the longest version. The print featured here appears to be the same as this. I don't know how long the version is out now in the US.
Reviewer: ironluke - - March 18, 2012
Subject: Uncut
This one and are exactly the same uncut version, they just run at different speed.

However, note that in some scenes the frame is cropped very differently in the two tranfers: for example, check the scene where Dalton is on the phone at about 12:00 in this version and 11:32 in the other one (very very bad crop!).
Reviewer: chriskemila - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 13, 2011
Subject: Try the 91 minute version too
This is actually the real full uncut version.

Now something interesting,
Cut Version (censored British edition) = 94:19 Min.
Uncut Version = 95:50 Min.

There is another copy of this film on the archive that runs 91 minutes which also claims to be uncut. After reviewing the 91 minute version, yes there are small parts taken out, but from what I could tell the cuts were not a result of censorship, but rather artistic choices, and good ones at that. It appears to be a genuine third version of the film and it looks fantastic at 1.1GB in .avi widescreen format, considerably better visual quality then this copy.

I'd recommend checking that version out here

All that said, thanks to the uploader of this full copy, it's valued.
Reviewer: splue - favoritefavorite - July 11, 2011
Subject: that drillyguy is weird
i hope he gets on meds
Reviewer: OTRTim - - July 11, 2011
Subject: Copyright Notice?
There's a copyright notice right after the words:"This Film Should Be Played Loud." The copyright notice contains both the word copyright and a "C" within a circle. Then there's MCMLXXIX which is 1979. Above the copyright symbol are the words:"A Rochelle Films Release." Wouldn't this be a valid notice?
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